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PPC ManagementRunning an Internet business is just like running any business. Locationů locationů locationů In order to be successful, people need to find you. There are several ways potential customers will find your website. One way is by using PPC (Pay per click) advertising.

Having ads on popular search engines can often be the first impression for potential new customers. The challenge is to write ad copy in 70 characters or less that will compel the right customer to visit your website. With this also comes the challenge to discourage unwanted traffic so that advertising budget is not wasted. It is more important to get buying customers to visit your website than visitors who are just Lookie Lou's. Engaging a management company experienced in the art of Internet marketing can take the stress out of PPC management. KLLewis.com has been successfully marketing on the Internet since 2001 and is continually updating skills to keep up with current technologies.

There is an art to managing PPC advertising. Our team will take a look at your business, evaluate relevant words that describe your business or services (keyword research), construct persuasive copy to attract new business, propose a PPC management plan, test the campaign, implement a solution based on the plan and assess results at planned intervals to ensure maximum results.

A paid search campaign is developed with an all-inclusive approach and is thoroughly tested during the lifespan of our administration. This includes differentiation and action copy which is reinforced on your landing pages. While looking at keyword popularity, we look at small keyword groups to keep costs down. By tying in landing page optimization, we are able to maximize your advertising dollar.

Once an optimized PPC strategy is in place, KLLewis.com will take two approaches:

  1. Teach your staff to manage the campaign. Or
  2. Manage and monitor the campaign in order to make the proper adjustments to keep it optimized.
KLLewis.com is flexible and happy to work with you to select the proper approach.

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