Web Evaluation

Web Evaluation KLLewis.com will evaluate your website to determine a benchmark to build upon. Starting with a clear understanding of your current system is essential to making recommendations for future development. Having a thorough web evaluation is key to the success of any project. It is the perfect "before" to ensure that the "after" meets requirements.

We focus on best in class strategies to analyze your website. We utilize W3C standards and practices. As part of our web evaluation we look at the following:

  • Content: Does your content match your key terms? Are their repeated non-key term words than can be eliminated?
  • Code compliance: Is your code up to standard? Do you have attributes in your HTML that are nonexistent? Do all of your tags have an ending?
  • Keyword Density: Do the key terms for the page have prominence? Do you have StopWords that can be eliminated in your content? Do you have headings that contain your key term? Are your headings placed at the top of the page?
  • Meta tag values: Do the meta tags in your code contain the key terms? Do the meta tags contain StopWords that can be eliminated? Does your image code contain your key terms in the "alt" attribute? Does your Title tag contain your key term?
  • Hyperlinks: Do your hyperlinks contain your key phrase?

After we complete our web evaluation, we will either give you suggestions on how to fix your web pages, or we will fix them for you.

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