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e-commerce web development KLLewis.com has invented several online stores and has worked with several e-commerce platforms. We have an experienced team to accellerate your efforts and bring your online store up to speed quickly. The sooner your products are available online, the sooner you will see an ROI. Whether you have a few products or many products, we can implement a dynamically optimized web site design and get your business on the web in no time.

We take pride in producing fantastic looking websites while taking into consideration the user experience. Not only is it imporant to attractively display products but equally important is the ability of the customer to find the products they are seeking. Taking this and search engine optimization requirements into account, we are able to help you produce the maximum ROI for your efforts. This means that your web site design, development and eCommerce will all be SEO friendly, with the goal of positioning your site at the top of the search engines for your product keywords.

We utilize W3C standards and proven search engine optimization techniques, we build eCommerce shopping carts that allow you to control and maintain your products which in turn produces a great looking, well managed, fully integrated, search engine optimized, eCommerce website. Upon completion of the set up, our Client's easily:

  • Add products
  • Add categories
  • Take orders
  • Check orders
  • Send newsletters and
  • Countless other possibilities!

We work with all of the popular eCommerce web site platforms including Magento™, Ubercart, Joomla!® and Yahoo!® Merchant Services just to name a few.

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